A Bit More Time, Part 2

Our dream trip would take us first to Paris, then to England, where we would meet our friends to go narrow boating through the back country canals. The flight, though long, was uneventful, and we reached our destination with every piece of luggage we brought. It was late, and the mother of the man we... Continue Reading →

A Bit More Time, Part 1

-It has been four years since I last attempted to create a blog.  All good intentions aside, like so many things I've started in my lifetime, this project was tossed on the "I'll get to it later when I have a bit more time" shelf. Isn't that just like the human experience.  We allow ourselves... Continue Reading →

Paradise Redefined

When my husband and I began talking about having children two decades ago, like other young couples, we had an idea of what our kids would be like.  Most likely they would have brown or black hair, brown or hazel eyes, amazing musical abilities, and might even be athletic.  This was how we imagined them. ... Continue Reading →

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