Celebrating Emma: 20 Years of Joy

Today, I'm stepping away from our grief journey to celebrate the life of our sweet Emma Joy.  Twenty years ago today she entered the world,  a plump bundle of joy with a wisp of blonde hair and a soft cry.  She has personified joy from the moment she entered the world, a trait that has only... Continue Reading →

A Bit More Time, Part 3

From entering the airport in Paris, to waiting to board the plane, less than an hour had passed. The Delta team was amazing. While sitting in the boarding area, away from the crowd, people came to us and gave us their condolences. But I still wasn't fully accepting the reality. I still was angry with myself for... Continue Reading →

A Bit More Time, Part 2

Our dream trip would take us first to Paris, then to England, where we would meet our friends to go narrow boating through the back country canals. The flight, though long, was uneventful, and we reached our destination with every piece of luggage we brought. It was late, and the mother of the man we... Continue Reading →

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